Mansarovar Shlok

O,Great God, so great is your majesty that it cannot be reached by speech and mind. Even the Vedas also, having become surprised, confirm your greatness by only saying 'Neti', 'Neti'(not this,not this) while describing you. Who can praise this type of greatness of yours? With how many qualities is it composed? Whose subject of description can it be? And yet even then whose mind and speech are not attached to your this new Saguna form?

O, Paramaatmaa(Greatest Soul), as you are the creator of speech of Vedas, which is like highest type of nectar and as sweet as honey, how can even the speech of Brahaspati(Guru, spiritual guide of gods) surprise you? (i.e., the speech of even Brahaspati is worthless before you). O, Destroyer of Three Cities of demons, thinking that my speech may become purified by this act,my intellect(Buddhi) has become prepared to sing your greatness.

O, Giver of Boons, your greatness is the cause of creation,maintenance, and destruction of the whole universe; this is supported by three Vedas(ie, Rigveda,Yajurveda,SaamaVeda); it is distributed in the three qualities(ie, Satva,Rajas and Tamas) and three bodies(of Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesha). Such is your greatness but certain stupid persons in this world are trying to destroy it by slander, which may be delightful to them but is really undelightful.

O, Lord Shiva, remover of all types of miseries, what wonder is there, if the prayer to you, chanted by one who is ignorant about your greatness, is worthless! Because, even the utterance of Brahmaa and other gods is not able to fathom your merits. Hence limited intellect ( and I am one of them ) try to offer you a prayer, their attempt deserve your special favour. If it is so, I should not be a exception. Hence I begin this prayer.

When the ocean was being churned by the gods and demons for 'amRit.h(nectar), various objects came forth:at one point, there emerged the 'kAlakUTa',poison which threatened to consume everything. The gods as well as the demons were stunned at the prospect of the entire universe coming to an end, O, three-eyed lord, who is ever compassionate and engaged in removing the fear of the world, you took it(poison) on yourself by consuming it. (On Parvati's holding shiva's throat at that point, the poison froze blue there itself and Shiva became 'NeelakanTha'). It is strange that this stain in your neck, though appearing to be a deformity,actually adds to your richness and personality.